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The Dino6 dredge, a canal dredger

What happens below the surface of a waterway doesn’t often concern boaters, but the condition of a canal’s bed can drastically affect how the entire channel functions.

Silt can build up after a few years, and the deposits can restrict the movements of watercraft and negatively impact the ecosystem within the canal. GeoForm International offers the Dino6 dredge, powered by our powerful submersible pumps making it a premiere canal dredger.

If you believe that dredging might be necessary for your canal, our team and equipment is here to assist.

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What Is Canal Dredging and Why Is It Important?

Dredging a canal involves the removal of varying levels of sediment, mud, trash, and other debris at the bottom of the channel, which should be reasonably flat.

This process is vital to maintain the usefulness of canals for various purpose, including irrigation, watercraft navigation and flood control. Due to all of these objectives needing a large amount of water flow, built-up sediments restrict the canal and decrease its ability to handle its responsibilities.

Dredging can both widen and deepen the canal, which improves its flow. A deeper trench will benefit flood control dams especially, as shallow channels will allow overflows and create more dangerous conditions during flooding scenarios.

Trash and sediment removal also benefits the environment when deployed the right way. The layered silt dirties the water and makes it less healthy, so dredging the canal makes it fresher and frees it of toxic gas byproducts and other materials.

While people did not create canals for the benefit of flora and fauna, plenty of wildlife species have moved in to call these places home. By freshening the water and creating more space, you’re also making it a healthier place for plants and animals.

The Dino6 Canal Dredger

Specs Of Our Canal Dredge

Working Depth:13 FeetTypically canals are 6' deep or less making the dino6 more than capable for this application.
Performance:1500 GPMPowerful enough to dredge canal build up with ease.
Cutterhead Width:66 InchesThe bottom and sides of the canal.
Length:22 FeetTransport this dredge to the job site with just a truck and a trailer.
Width:5 Feet 11 InchesAllows for you to easily haul this dredge & access tight spaces.
Engine:Cummins 4 Cylinder DieselPowerful and efficient engine that's easy on fuel compared to other options.

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How Does the Dino 6 Handle Canal Dredging?

Many people balk at the idea of dredging due to the obstacles created by the equipment. Traditional excavators and dredges can be difficult to maneuver due to their cumbersome size, and canals often don’t have optimal places for launching them. They can require additional labor and time costs, too.

Their operations can kick up a lot of debris and release the stored toxins in the sediment as well, which can make a less-than-ideal situation into a bad one.

The Dino6 Sediment Removal System eliminates all of those issues in one go by using a hydraulic boom with an attached cutterhead to suck up any unwanted debris. We’ve specifically designed the machine to operate in areas that other dredges cannot go, meaning it’s both compact and lightweight. This not only makes it easier to use, but also reduces the impact on the job site — therefore making it more environmentally friendly.

No one should underestimate its power, however! The Dino 6 touts a 1,500 gpm pumping rate and a high-torque, direct-drive cutter for powering through tough buildup.


Why Choose Dino 6 Equipment for Dredging Canals?

This superior canal and channel dredging equipment offers a host of user benefits to make your jobs faster and easier.

Compact Design

The Dino 6 dredge is a small pontoon boat measuring 22 feet long and 6 feet wide and weighing approximately 2 tons when wet. This relatively compact, lightweight design enables it to operate in narrower canals and channels more easily than larger, bulkier equipment. You can also transport it from one job site to another with little difficulty.

Another advantage of the size of the Dino 6 is that it’s cost-effective to use. You’ll only need two to three crew members to operate the dredge, enabling you to reduce your labor costs and free up workers to perform other essential tasks at the dredging site. 


You’ll appreciate the rugged design and construction of the Dino 6 dredging equipment for canals. You’ll be able to complete your dredging jobs faster and with fewer concerns about mechanical breakdowns. You’ll also need to replace worn or damaged parts and components less frequently, reducing your repair and maintenance costs. The two stainless steel pontoons are corrosion-resistant, contributing to the dredge’s longevity.

The superior quality means that your Dino 6 should provide many years of reliable service, even in the most challenging dredging conditions. You’ll get the maximum return on your investment, adding value to your business and boosting your bottom line.


Despite its compact design, the Dino 6 delivers surprising power thanks to its robust, 65-horsepower Cummins diesel engine. When combined with the high-torque suction boom that can pass debris measuring up to 3 inches in diameter, this dredging equipment for canals can clear away large chunks of sediment and debris without clogging or experiencing damage. 

Because of its impressive power, the Dino 6 will enable you to get more work done in less time. You’ll have more satisfied customers and earn plenty of repeat business.


You’ll also appreciate the efficiency of this revolutionary canal and channel dredging equipment. It delivers performance and results comparable to a larger 8-inch dredging system. The 30-gallon tank holds enough fuel to complete projects lasting several hours, and with its thrifty consumption rate of only 3 gallons per hour (GPH), you’ll experience lower diesel costs. 

The Dino 6 is also easy to operate, so your crews can complete dredging jobs without complications or costly delays. We even offer on-site training to shorten the learning curve.


Nothing is as important as keeping your people safe. The Dino 6 contains numerous safety features to protect workers from accidents and injuries, giving business owners more peace of mind. For example, the engine will shut down automatically due to circumstances such as excessive heat or low fluid levels. 


GeoForm International will be there to support you for as long as you own your dredging canal equipment. Our service department is helpful and responsive to your needs. We want you to be satisfied with your dredge and maximize your return on investment. 

Men dredging in New Orleans
Workers using DinoSix Dredge in New Orleans
Men dredging in New Orleans Workers using DinoSix Dredge in New Orleans

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We’ve devoted ourselves to serving our clients in various industries — and we’ve been creating high-quality dredging and pumping solutions since 1998. If you need canal dredging equipment or expertise, contact us today for assistance.

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"I have been impressed with our Dino6 dredge. It delivers on the promises of ease, portability, and the GeoForm tubes have less environmental impact on the sites dredged. The website and onsite training was well worth the time."

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