Submersible Pumps and Dredges for Waterways

Inland waterways are susceptible to erosion, damage from invasive plant species and other destructive forces that can significantly alter their size and configuration over time. The accumulation of sediment, silt and debris is usually the culprit that causes erosion. Timely, thorough waterway sediment removal is essential for preserving the shape and integrity of these inland waterways — which typically requires the use of safe, effective sediment removal equipment.

GeoForm International Offers the Best Waterway Sediment Removal Equipment for the Job

Look no further than GeoForm International for high-quality dredging equipment that can enhance your waterway sediment removal operation. Our dynamic Dino6 sediment removal machine (and the larger Dino8 version) is perfect for getting rid of accumulated debris and silt in rivers, lakes, canals, marinas, channels, ports and beachfront areas.

The Dino6 is a lightweight, compact, portable waterway silt remover that’s easy to transport and simple to use — mobilizing, launching and removing the machine is a breeze.

You’ll have no trouble removing sediment from the bottom and scum from the surface of your waterways. The Dino6 is equipped with a 6” submersible pump that can pass large solids more efficiently than similarly sized cast pumps.

Additionally, the Dino6 offers a cost-effective alternative for waterway sediment removal applications. Mobilization costs are a fraction of those associated with standard 6″ dredges on the market. They’re also less expensive to repair than competing machines, which will reduce your long-term ownership costs. And we build our dredges on stainless steel pontoons instead of carbon steel, which increases the lifespan, simplify repairs and eliminates the expense incurred from premature replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Sediment Removal Equipment for Inland Waterways?

With our waterway silt remover, you can restore an inland to its original shape without harming aquatic wildlife or damaging banks or shorelines. Removing sediment and decayed vegetation also improves the quality of the water and can increase water volume. What’s more, you’ll be able to remove algae and scum from surface, which will improve the health and appearance of the waterway.

Why Choose GeoForm International as Your Sediment Removal Equipment Supplier?

Olathe, KS-based GeoForm International proudly serves the sediment and silt removal needs of companies throughout the United States and around the world. All our machines and materials are made in the USA to the highest quality standards. Our goal is to create products that meet our customers’ demands and support them with friendly, attentive customer service. We want you to be completely satisfied with any product or service you receive from GeoForm International.

Learn more about the many ways in which our dredging machinery can streamline and simplify your waterway sediment removal operations. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote today.

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"Everyone at GeoForm International was very patient and knowledgeable. I researched the Dino6 extensively and had lots of questions that Richard was more than willing to spend time to answer. They were very welcoming when I visited their facility as well."

John Growney - Growney Grading Co