Equipment For Maintaining HOA Water

Maintenence for HOA lakes and ponds is critical to keeping your waterways clear. Dredging removes the sediment and waste buildup from the bottom of the body of water to extract pollution and waste. Regular treatment will help extend the lifetime of artificial lakes and create aesthetically pleasing waterways. 

The Dino6 and Dino8 dredges from GeoForm International are ideal for protecting your waters. The Dino6 is a powerful, compact dredge that fits into places that other excavators and hydraulic machines cannot reach. The Dino8 goes even further than the already robust Dino6 and works perfectly for midsize dredging projects. 

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Why You Need a DredgeDredged HOA Pond

At GeoForm International, we know how important it is to provide quality care to your community. There are many benefits to dredging your waterways, including:

  • Safety for residents: If a retention pond becomes too shallow, the chance of a flood increases. Excavating sediment will improve the pond’s health and keep polluted water out of the neighborhood. 
  • Cleanliness: Dredging removes sediment, pollutants, trash and broken-down vegetation from the water. It also generates bacterial growth, which helps remove the waste from the bottom of the water. 
  • Visual appeal: A pristine pool of water adds beauty and serenity to your neighborhood. Regularly removing the muck from the bottom of the pond will keep the water clear and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Conservation of human-made lakes: Upkeep for your synthetic ponds and lakes will prevent them from becoming overrun and drying up. By breaking down natural debris, weeds and grass, you ensure that you can enjoy your community’s pond for a long time.

After you remove the material from the water, you can reuse the natural waste as fertilizer. You can keep your ponds and lakes clear and gain resources simultaneously. The benefits of dredging are perfect for residential and commercial use, and GeoForm International carries dredging equipment for HOAs to help you with any project. 

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What Makes the Dino6 the Best

The Dino6 is a powerful barge boat equipped with a 6-inch submersible pump and a cutter head that grazes through debris with ease. Weighing in at 4,000 pounds wet, the Dino6 is portable and ideal for HOA lakes, ponds, golf courses and other areas. Simple to operate, the Dino6 can remove the waste from bodies of water while saving you time and labor. 

For larger-scale projects, the Dino8 has even more power than the Dino6. With 3,000 gallons-per-minute capability, an 8-inch hydraulic submersible slurry pump and simple operation, the Dino8 can minimize your project time. 

GeoForm International Dredging Equipment for HOAs

The right tools can simplify regular maintenance for HOA lakes and ponds. If you are ready to improve your community with a dredging system, GeoForm International can help you get started. We know how important it is to keep your channels clear for both safety and aesthetic reasons. 

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Contact us to learn more about dredging equipment, and we can help you decide which dredge is ideal for your community. No matter your needs, the GeoForm International team is prepared to get you the quality service needed to enhance your property. 

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"I have been impressed with our Dino6 dredge. It delivers on the promises of ease, portability, and the GeoForm tubes have less environmental impact on the sites dredged. The website and onsite training was well worth the time."

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