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What Is Pond Dredging?

On many properties — from private residences to public golf courses — a pond can represent a beautiful focal point. However, if a pond isn’t kept clean and healthy, then its aquatic life, as well as the creatures and plants that live near it, will pay the price.

Because ponds are often fed by other sources of moving water such as rivers and streams, they can form the end collection point for sediment, silt and other environmentally harmful materials. Over time, sedimentation — or the accumulation of unwanted debris — can pose a threat to both the aquatic life and plant life in and around a pond. That’s why, to protect a pond’s water quality, the process of removing sediment with a pond suction dredge is an ideal way to clean the pond while maintaining the health of the water and the various life forms it supports.

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Why the Dino6 Is the Ultimate Pond Dredging Solution

Typically, ponds aren’t as accessible as larger bodies of water like lakes and rivers that often have marinas and/or boat launches conveniently located on their shores. Moreover, the land around ponds is often less robust than the more built up shorelines found by lakes and reservoirs. And finally, the ecosystem of a pond is delicate and can easily be harmed if its balance is overly disrupted.

When you put these factors together, the cumbersome size and obtrusive nature of many dredges make their use in ponds impractical. With problems ranging from the unwarranted destruction of shoreline to the need to temporarily remove fish and other aquatic life, large dredges can simply cause more problems in ponds than they’re worth.

In contrast, the Dino6 Sediment Removal System is a perfect way to conduct pond dredging without any of the hassles associated with large excavators and hydraulic dredges. Because it’s specifically designed to perform in areas that are inaccessible to most other machines, the Dino6 is simply one of the world’s most unique portable dredges.

Despite its small, compact design, the Dino6 delivers the power you need for a fast, efficient dredging process for ponds.

The Dino6 features the following benefits that make it an ideal choice for safe, efficient pond dredging:

  • Portability: At 22 feet long and six feet wide, weighing in at only 3800 pounds and able to operate in a mere 14 inches of water, the Dino6 is a highly portable unit that needs a fraction of the footprint most other dredges require to operate.
  • Accessibility: Because you can transport it using a trailer and one haul vehicle, you can mobilize, launch and recover the Dino6 with ease. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to operate and maneuver in all types of tight spaces.
  • Capabilities: Don’t let its small size fool you. The Dino6 features a 1500 gpm pumping rate and a high-torque, direct-drive cutter head to effectively move through and eliminate built-up weeds and algae that often plague ponds.

Pond dredging, in general, also has numerous benefits, including:

  • Cleaner Water: An important benefit provided by dredging for ponds is that the sediment removal results in cleaner, fresher, healthier water and reduces the level of toxic gases and other materials.
  • Minimizing Algae and Weed Issues: Algae and weed accumulation is a common problem in ponds. The Dino6 can help you eliminate weed growth from the bottom of the water body and significantly reduce algae on the water surface.
  • Expanding Living Space: By removing layers of sediment and debris from the bottom of the pond, our dredging equipment creates additional living space for aquatic life and can help you increase the water volume if desired.


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