Waste Water Removal

Removal of  Waste Water

Sludge accumulation can pose a significant problem in waste water ponds and lagoons. Excess sludge can contain high levels of ammonia and other potentially hazardous materials, producing unpleasant odors that can permeate a large area. While treatment methods such as aeration and bioaugmentation can work well for low levels of sludge, it may be necessary to remove wastewater in instances of heavy sludge accumulation.

Waste Water Pumping

Waste Water Removal Via Pumping

A fast, efficient way to remove waste water from a pond or lagoon is by pumping it out with the right equipment. A submersible pump is an excellent option for removing waste water from water bodies on farms, golf courses, and residential communities, as well as from retention ponds and lagoons in mines and at various industrial facilities. The extracted water can then be treated and recycled or disposed of, depending on the situation.

GeoForm International: Your Source for High-Quality Submersible Pumps

GeoForm International can provide the best pump or dredge for waste water removal applications. Our line of submersible pumps is specifically designed and constructed for pumping high volumes of sludge-filled water with ease, and they can also pass trash, debris and various viscous materials. Our hydraulically powered pumps are made from abrasion-resistant materials and can deliver a flow rate of up to 3800 gpm.

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"Everyone at GeoForm International was very patient and knowledgeable. I researched the Dino6 extensively and had lots of questions that Richard was more than willing to spend time to answer. They were very welcoming when I visited their facility as well."

John Growney - Growney Grading Co

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