Dredging for Fisheries

Tips for a Healthy Fishery

Keeping your fishery healthy requires consistent monitoring and care. In addition to using aeration, there are several other steps you and your team can take to boost the health and quality of your fishery, such as the following:

1. Remove Sediment with Dredging to Keep Water Deep Enough and Aerated For Fish

Dredging, which is the removal of sediment, dead vegetation, trash and other debris, offers several key benefits:

  • Restores eroded areas: Waterholes and waterways, especially shorelines, can be prone to soil erosion. With dredging, you can return the space to its original condition, which ensures the fishery remains stable and consistent for both aquatic and plant life.
  • Removes chemical pollutants: Lakes, ponds and other bodies of water near industrial plants and urban areas often become a hub for pollutants. These chemicals cause significant shifts in the makeup of your fishery. With a dredger, you can remove and prevent these contaminants from causing damage.
  • Fixes eutrophication: A build-up of nutrients resulting from runoff is called eutrophication. The risk of eutrophication is that it supports the growth of plant life too much, which can lead to a decrease in oxygen levels as well as fish kills — even with a large aerator for fish ponds, lakes and other water bodies in use.

For many fisheries, aeration and dredging are used in coordination to maximize their water’s health.

2. Eliminate Invasive Vegetation


Invasive vegetation, as well as wildlife, are leading concerns for fisheries around the world. Both can affect a fishery’s health by domineering resources, altering the landscape and harming the natural ecosystem. That’s why eliminating invasive vegetation is another tactic for maintaining the health of a fishery.

3. Buy an Aeration System for Fish

An accumulation of muck and sediment in a pond can deprive fish and plants of the oxygen they need to survive. Aeration is a critical fishery pond maintenance step that infuses oxygen into the pond, helping to create a healthier ecosystem. 

Benefits of Aeration for Fisheries

Incorporating aeration into your fishery offers a few long-term benefits, including:

  • Muck Reduction: Aerators combat pond muck by circulating the water and increasing the oxygen supply. Aeration also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that can minimize muck accumulation and helps to eliminate unpleasant pond odors.
  • Better Water Quality: By reducing muck, circulating the water and removing excess nutrients, an aerator for fish ponds will improve the quality of the water.
  • Increasing Levels of Dissolved Oxygen: Fish and plants require oxygen to survive. Aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond water, resulting in a healthier habitat. It can also prevent low oxygen conditions that can cause a large fish kill.
  • Promotes Consistent Water Temperature: Aeration eliminates the border between warmer surface water and colder water at the bottom of the pond. By circulating the water, aeration enables the warmer and colder water to mix, which promotes the growth of healthy bacteria on the bottom.
  • Lowers algae production: Aeration reduces the growth of algae by forcing it to deeper areas of the water, which limits its sunlight exposure — an essential factor in its growth cycle. By increasing levels of dissolved oxygen with aeration, algae matures into standard green algae instead of the more toxic blue-green algae.
  • Prevents fish kills: In the winter, as well as spring and fall, there’s a higher risk of a fish kill. Decreased oxygen levels, which are preventable with aeration, often accelerate in winter when ice forms and traps gases from organic debris. A large aerator for fish ponds ensures fish kills from a lack of oxygen do not occur.
  • Reduces phosphorus levels: Aeration also lowers the concentration of phosphorus in ponds and other bodies of water. Phosphorus is often difficult to remove and supports algae blooms. Because aerators bring oxygen from the air into the water, they initiate oxidation. Iron binds with phosphorus and neutralizes it.

Learn More About Aeration for Your Fishery

GeoForm International is your headquarters for a large aerator for fish ponds that will keep the water healthy throughout the year. Our aerators for fisheries are suitable for fisheries of many sizes. Contact us to learn more today.

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