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Why Does My Lake or Pond Smell So Bad?


The lake or pond in your HOA, golf course or housing community provides aesthetic appeal and adds a peaceful atmosphere to your property. Your body of water might have an odor because of low oxygen, algae and fish decay. You can dredge your smelly lake or pond to protect your wildlife and provide a better […]

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how to deepen a pond banner

How To Deepen A Pond


With a pond, deeper can often be better. Whether you want to give your pond an update, remove built-up muck or fight back against erosion, you’ll want to use the right tools and follow the correct steps to stay safe and get the job done right. STEPS TO DEEPEN A POND WITH A DREDGE If […]

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Geoform International What is GPM?

Pumping Terminology: What Is GPM and How Is it Calculated?


When it comes to pumping terminology, one crucial term to know is GPM — a measurement that will help you determine if you’re choosing the right pump. So what is GPM, and how do you calculate it?   What Is GPM? GPM stands for gallons per minute and is a measurement of how many gallons a […]

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Geoform International guide to lake and pond maintenance

Guide to Lake and Pond Maintenance Equipment


Lakes and ponds are good fun for recreational use and are an integral part of many agricultural operations. They can also enhance the aesthetic nature of parks and act as the centerpiece for attractions. But without proper maintenance, the water can form a buildup of sediment, vegetation and trash, leaving your water source smelling rank […]

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how to choose dredging contractor

Tips For Choosing a Dredging Contractor


Finding a dredging contractor often comes with uncertainty for companies that haven’t completed a dredging project in the past. There are plenty of factors to consider while you are weighing how to choose a dredging company. To help you through the process of selecting a dredging company, below, you can find insider information and tips […]

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complete guide to sludge and muck removal banner

Sludge and Muck Removal


Jump To: Options for Sludge & Muck Removal |  Large Muck Removal Jobs | Mid-Size Muck Removal Jobs | Small Muck Removal Jobs There are few things more unappealing to the eye than a large pond or a lake covered in sludge. If muck is covering the bottom of your pond, it can transform what […]

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Beautiful winter landscape with water

Winter Dredging


Dredging in The Winter  When temperatures drop but there’s dredging work still to be done, what do you do? In many cases, especially in areas where colder temperatures can result in reduced water traffic and fewer moored boats and other seasonal obstacles in your way, dredging in the winter can be more productive than it […]

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